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CinéDigital Manager TMS
TMS를 통해 DCP전송, KDM관리, SPL편집, 상영 스케쥴, 모니터링등 CinéDigital MANAGER®는 사용자에게 모든 주요 기능을 제공합니다.

TMS 견적문의

메일 :

전화 : 02-6466-5240/1

팩스 : 02-2277-0456

CinéDigital Manager TMS(S/W)에 대한 견적이며 서버(H/W)의 견적은 별도입니다.

영사기 및 서버 장애문의

프로젝터 및 도레미서버 운영 중 장애 처리는 유유코리아에서 처리해드립니다.

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영사기용 제논램프 구입문의

제논램프 구입문의는 서울상사에서 처리해 드리며 일반 프로젝터 램프는 취급하지 않습니다.

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CinéDigital Manager TMS Lite Edition & Professional Edition


Theater or Screen view
Monitoring of running show
Monitoring of next scheduled shows
Control of running show (play, pause, stop…)
Control of scheduler status
Macro Execution
Hardware alerts (RAID, projector’s connection)
On the fly Intermission management (program, interrupt…)
Video feedback from IP cameras

Playlist Editor

Playlists Creation
Checking of content integrity
Checking of dependencies between content
Checking of KDM validity
Display of content location
Content filtering by location, type and keyword
Centralized management of playlists and content
Sub-playlists Creation (packs)
Automatic import of advertising packages


Centralized deletion of playlists and content
Manual selection or criteria-based automatic selection
Equipment selection for deletion


View as weekly calendar
Highlighting of problematic sessions (content missing, invalid or missing KDM, etc.)
Show creation and deletion per day or per week
Duplication of schedule by days
View as daily calendar
Automatic transfer of missing content
Automatic transfer of scheduled playlists

Playlist and content transfer

Possibility to choose date and time of each transfer
Monitoring of transfer progress
Content filtering by location, type and keyword
Automatic transfer of dependent content (Original Version, Version Files)
Unlimited number of scheduled transfers
Checking of content integrity
Transfer from libraries to servers, and from servers to libraries
Automatic transfer of missing content

KDM Management

Displaying KDM with colors according to their status (valid, due to expire, exired…)
Automatic KDM retrieval from an email address
Manual Transfer of valid KDM to servers
Automatic or Manual deletion of non-valid or expired KDM
KDM filtering by location and keyword
Automatic Transfer of valid KDM to servers

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